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Dad is horny and he wants to jerk off. He lives with his daughter – mom split years ago and left them alone – and she’s grown into quite the beautiful young lady. He’s proud that she has turned out so well but she’s also been dancing around his brain lately. She’s become the object of his fantasies and it makes him feel awful because he shouldn’t want to fuck his daughter. But her body is so tight and beautiful that he can’t resist. Nowadays he masturbates to her hot body as often as he can. He’s a dirty old man and he knows it. He doesn’t care though. There’s no woman in his life and there’s no real harm in fantasizing about his daughter. Of course, things can change real quick. When dad pulls out his cock and starts jerking off he doesn’t expect his daughter to come home and find him there. She’s been fantasizing too though. She’s been thinking about daddy’s cock and the pleasure it could give her if it were to end up in her pussy. She’s dreaming about it and she wants it badly.


The naughty blonde daughter is standing on the other side of the bathroom in a tight red sports bra and a sexy pair of short shorts. Her father is standing in the bathtub and he’s obviously naked. His cock is hanging between his legs and it turns her on just looking at it. She’s horny for the pleasure of his fuck meat and he’s horny for her hot body. They’ve been having an incestuous relationship for months and they’ve been doing it without mom finding out. That’s quite an accomplishment as they’re fucking all the time and he’s not really boning his wife anymore. She must not care about her sex life or she would have awoken to the realities of the things they’re doing together. Instead she turns a blind eye and her husband goes on fucking the daughter they had together. She certainly isn’t innocent in the whole adventure. She’s the one that seduced her dad in the first place. She had seen him jerking off once while he left the bedroom door open a crack and it ignited a desire inside her that she didn’t know what to do with. She was so aroused by his dick she couldn’t believe it.


Brother and sister are not supposed to fuck but this young man and his young sister can’t help but break the rules. Their parents would freak out if they knew they were having sex but after the first time they pleasured each other they knew it was never going to end. They knew they would always be fucking because that’s what felt good. That very first time she gave him a blowjob and he ate her pussy and they had orgasms like they had never experience before. The pleasure was something they quickly became addicted to. Now they sneak into each other’s rooms whenever they get the chance. In this hot video sister finds her way into brother’s room and finds him napping naked on his bed. They have resolved to always sleep naked or accessible. Their parents never barge into their rooms uninvited so they can always be ready for sex. There’s nothing better than being awakened by the incestuous touch of your lusty sister or your horny brother, or so they have experienced.


Their parents probably shouldn’t have let them sleep in the same bedroom but they couldn’t have known these two would engage in an illicit and illegal incestuous relationship. They couldn’t have known how powerfully attracted to each other they would have been and they definitely couldn’t have imagined all the wild and crazy sexual things these two would do to each other. The brother and sister have been engaged in an incestuous sexual relationship for years though and there’s no sign of that stopping anytime soon, or ever for that matter. They have two twin beds in their room but they rarely sleep separately. As soon as the door closes and their parents drift down the hall to their room the siblings turn to each other and talk about how they’d like to fuck that night. Sometimes they like it simple with good old fashioned missionary sex and sometimes they try new stuff from the big book of sexual positions they bought. In the video you’re lucky enough to watch you’ll see them run through most of the standard sexual positions with a few extras thrown in for incest fun.


The brother and sister can often be found working out in the home gym because they both like to keep their bodies tight. Their parents are wealthy enough to afford such luxuries in the house and they’re also out a whole lot so these two end up getting into all kinds of trouble. At least, they’d be getting in trouble if they were ever caught fucking in the gym since incest is illegal in most areas. The problem is that brother is always getting aroused when he watches his naughty little sister doing stretches in front of him. She bends over and shows off her ass and he knows she’s doing it on purpose. She just wants to turn him on so his dick will get hard and he’ll fuck her naughty sister pussy. Well, she’s going to get what she wants because he’s not the type of guy that can resist giving his lovely, slutty sister a good fucking. Today he’s in there lifting weights and getting all loaded up with testosterone when she shows up and starts bending over in front of him. She shakes that hot ass and he’s powerless. He must fuck her hot hole.

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